Poor Jeb

(Poor Jeb, he can’t hep it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth! – Hat tip, Ann Richards)

As his pacs burn through millions, he fiddles like Nero.
While Trump eats his lunch, with spending near zero.
“Debate face to face!” – It’s the next punch he throws.
So Trump tweets a pic of Jeb picking his nose.

Now Jeb had a dream and saw a white dove
that told him illegals were all acts of love.
“Enough of this CRAP”, Trump reached from above.
Jeb flew from the stage with a much needed shove.

From his new perch with his ass on the floor.
Jeb keeps on spouting, a low energy bore.
“Your kids gotta have this new common core.
With mandated tests you’ll pay us to score.”

In for the kill, Trump hits every lever.
“Common Core’s a disaster, so how about NEVER!”
As he feels his mind from reality sever
Jeb now bleeds from his eyes and – wherever!

Born privileged, now pouting and highly perplexed
The old college bully is ever so vexed
While Trump with no prompter or pre-written text
Just gives a quick shrug and bellows out – “NEXT!”


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